SCIAHK participated in the Guangdong Province Law Society delegation’s visit to the International Chamber of Commerce Court

     On 25 May 2023, the South China International Arbitration Center HK (SCIAHK) joined the delegation which consists of the Guangdong Province Law Society and the Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration (SCIA) on a visit to the International Chamber of Commerce Court (ICC Court) in Paris. During the visit, the delegation had in-depth exchanges with Ms. Claudia Salomon, the Chairman of ICC Court, Mr. Juan Pablo Argentato, the General Counsel, and Mr. Sébastien Pépin, the Legal Counsel, on the latest developments in international arbitration.


     Dr. YUAN Gujie, President of the Guangdong Province Law Society, and Ms. Claudia Salomon, discussed the views on the construction of a rule-of-law, market-oriented, internationalized business environment, and cooperation in international commercial dispute resolution. They specifically mentioned the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese and European companies in international investment and trade. Dr. LIU Xiaochun, Executive Chairman of SCIAHK and President of SCIA, and Ms. Claudia Salomon reviewed the business interactions between ICC Court and SCIA within 30 years, especially since the signing of the MOU in 2017 when international arbitration was jointly promoted, also providing mutual provision of trial assistance services, and jointly trained international commercial legal talents. Ms. Claudia Salomon and Dr. LIU Xiaochun had a special discussion on the renewal of the MOU.


     Mr. ZHANG Qinghong, Vice President of Guangdong Province Law Society, and Mr. SUN Taiping, President of Guangzhou Law Society attended the meeting and discussion.




Posted on 28 August 2023